Broadcasting Commission

Government of Jamaica 

The Broadcasting Commission reminds all broadcasters and members of the public of the requirements for political broadcasts, as set out in the Broadcasting and Radio Re-Diffusion Act and the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations, 1996.

Identification of Political Party/Sponsor

All political broadcasts including advertisements must identify the party or sponsor at the beginning and end of the broadcast.

Broadcasters must give equal air-time access to all political parties and candidates. Any financial concessions made for women broadcasters for air-time to a political party or candidate must also be offered on the same terms to other parties and candidates.

  • be abusive or derogatory of anyone\'s race, colour, creed, religion or sex - Regulation 30(b);
  • Regulation 30(c);
  • contain any false or misleading information - Regulation 30(f);
  • contain any material which might incite violence, criminal activity or any public disorder - Regulation 30(k);
  • include any portrayal of violence that offends against good taste, decency or public morality - Regulation 30(l)


Complaints about alleged breaches must be made to the Broadcasting Commission at the earliest opportunity. The Broadcasting Commission would need the following information to proceed with an investigation:

  • Name of broadcast or cable service that transmitted the material;
  • Date and time at which the broadcast was aired;
  • Name of the programme in which the broadcast was aired;
  • Details of the content being complained about.


To be an innovative regulator that leads and facilitates the development and advancement of a dynamic electronic communications sector for the benefit of Jamaica and the Caribbean.


To ensure a successful national transition to a digital economy, using the empowering and liberating potential of technological innovation to encourage new forms of business, social, cultural and media development while protecting the people of Jamaica from potential abuses of communication and influence.


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