Broadcasting Commission

Government of Jamaica 

  1. All prospective applicants for STV licences are required to satisfy the Commission that they have:
    • the capability to offer the service for at least eight continuous hours per day;
    • secured the relevant permission or have entered into agreements or arrangements necessary for the operation of the business;
    • an implementation plan and a timetable for the provision of service in the area for which application is made;
    • the capacity to meet the technical standards set out in the Second Schedule; and
    • the capacity to offer a minimum of ten channels to each subscriber.
  2. Applicants are required to submit the following documents:
    • Copies of:
      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • Articles of Association
      • Memorandum of Association
      • Articles of Incorporation
    • The prescribed application form
    • Clearly labeled technical information in keeping with the requirements of the application form
    • Business plan – The following documents are required:
      • Trading, Profit and Loss Account
      • Projected Balance Sheet (Years one and two)
      • Projected Revenue Schedule
      • Projected Expense Schedule (Establishment operating and Administration)
      • Projected Cash Flow Schedule
      • Loan Repayment Schedule
    • An implementation plan and timetable for the provision of service in the area(s) for which application is made
    • Certified copy of list of Directors (Form 23)
    • Permits for programming use
  3. Receipt of Applications

    As an applicant you are responsible for ensuring that you submit all the necessary documents. However, the Commission will verify, on receipt, that a complete package has been presented. If your application is missing any documents, the Commission will immediately advise you what materials need to be provided before your application can be evaluated. Please note that at this point the Commission officers only verify completeness. This is NOT A GUARANTEE that your application meets the required standards for the Commission\'s recommendation that you be granted a licence by the Minister.
  4. Form of Presentation

    Applicants must ensure that the material submitted is clear and self explanatory. Applicants should focus their efforts on the specific requirements as detailed in the Regulations and application forms and should not submit information not asked for. Where necessary, documents and diagrams must be labeled with diagram keys. The Evaluation Committees will not attempt to guess the meaning of unmarked and/or ambiguous diagrams and maps. The use of contrasting colours on diagrams is particularly helpful.
  5. Submitted documents should be collated, in sequence and should be secured firmly e.g. with staples or bull dog clips. The documents presented should be labeled and each application package should be numbered and parceled separately. A list of documents, or a content list, should be included in the application package. The evaluation committees will not attempt to identify pages out of sequence. The suggested sequence of documents is:
    • list of contents
    • documents of incorporation
    • application form with technical checklist
    • a business plan
    • implementation plan
    • Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd Application Form for Attachment to Utility Poles.
    • All other supporting documents
  6. Applicants must ensure that all information requested on the prescribed forms is provided, including signatures and certifying stamps or seals.
  7. Applicants must ensure that all written instructions in the regulations and on the Application forms are noted and followed.


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Our mission is to ensure a successful national transition to a digital economy, using technological innovation to empower, liberate and encourage new forms of business, social, cultural and media development while protecting the people of Jamaica from potential risks including harmful content.


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