Broadcasting Commission

Government of Jamaica 

Licensed Subscriber Television Operators

Licensee Contact Address Zones  
Best TV Communication Group Limited CEO: Mr Leon Lewin Mid-Town Plaza, Lorrimers P.O. Trelawny | Trelawny --->(Wait-A-Bit)
JACS Cable Limited CEO: Mr. Neville Johnstone 1 Railway Lane, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Tel: (876) 869-5437, (876) 949-2250 | St. Catherine--->(Bernard Lodge, Horizon Park, Willowdene, Green Acres, Winters Pen, Eltham, Ensom City, Spanish Town Central, Greendale, Central Village)
Krisara Cable Company Limited CEO: Mr. Christopher Thompson Porus District, Porus,P.O., Manchester Tel: (876) 276-2527, (876) 581-2308 | Manchester--->(Williamsfield)… Clarendon--->(NineTurn)
Digicel Jamaica Limited CEO- Mr.Stephen Murad, Legal & Regulatory Director - Mrs. Alethia Tomlinson 14 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston Tel: (876) 619-5000; 7 Fax: (876) 922-7666, Islandwide
Digital Interactive Services Limited (DISL) CEO: Mr. Christopher Dehring Suites 13-15, The Palms Plaza, 23 West Trade Way, Portmore, St. Catherine Tel: (876) 704-2426 Fax: (876) 704-2425 Email: Islandwide
Gemini Cable Network Limited (formerly Silly) MANAGING DIRECTOR: MR. WINSTON WALKER Main Street, Annotto Bay P.O. St. Mary (876) 996-2658 / (876) 439-0963 (c) (876) 398-3130 (mobile) (876) 996-2658 St. Mary--->(Annotto Bay)
FLOW Managing Director: Mr. Stephen Price 2-6 Carlton Cresent 47 Half Way Tree Road Kingston 10 (876) 926-9700 Email: Fax: (876) 620-3001-2 Islandwide
Central Clarendon Cable Limited CEO: Kevin Lloyd Thompson Town District Thompson Town Post Office Clarendon (876) 990-4659 / (876) 365-7077 / (876) 610-6853 Clarendon--->(Mocho)
Wilson’s Enterprises Limited/Satcom Cable Television EO: Ms. Yvonne Wilson-Airhunmwunde Shop #5, JNBS Plaza 21 – 25 Harbour Street Port Antonio, Portland Tel: (876) 715-5163 Fax: (876) 993-3398 Portland--->(Priestmans River, Fellowship, Port Antonio East, Port Antonio West, Hope Bay)
Westar Communications Limited Managing Director: Mr. Trevor Tomlinson Presto Plaza, Duncans P.O., Trelawny Tel: (876) 954-7643 Fax: (876) 954-7643 Trelawny--->(Duncans, Falmouth)
Vere Cable Network Company Limited Managing Director: Mrs. Claudia Guscott Shop # 11, Ramanand Plaza, Bustamante Drive, Lionel Town, Clarendon Tel: (876) 858-4391, (876) 986-3086 Email: Clarendon--->(Hayes Cornpiece, Race Course, Lionel Town, Rocky Point, Raymonds)
Venus Cable Service Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Horace Wright Crofts Hill District Crofts Hill P.O., Clarendon Tel: (876) 966-7708 Clarendon--->(Mason River, Kellits)...St. Catherine--->(Lluidas Vale)
Hometime (formerly Unique Vision) Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Anthony Graham 32 North Street, Black River, St. Elizabeth Tel: (876) 971-8393 (Barnett St) Fax: (876) 634-4496 (Lilliput), Trelawny--->(Wakefield, Warsop, Wait-a-Bit, Ulster Spring, Duanvale)...St. James--->(Barrett Town, Somerton, John’s Hall, Garlands)...St. Elizabeth--->(Maggoty, Balaclava, Lacovia,Siloah, Santa Cruz, Peppers, Southfield, Nain)...Manchester--->(Mile Gully, St. Ann:Cave Valley, Watt Town, Lower Buxton and Harmony Vale)
Tru Star Cable Television Network Ltd. Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Jay Wisdom 19 Park Crescent, Mandeville, P.O. Box 283 Tel: (876) 963-2481 Fax: St. Elizabeth--->(Balaclava)
Total Cable Limited CEO: Dexton Thompson 115 Main Street, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth Tel: (876) 966-3333 Fax: (876) 966-3072 St. Elizabeth--->(Santa Cruz)
Summit Satellite Systems Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Clovel Bogle 2 Queen Street Morant Bay St. Thomas Tel: (876) 982-9261 Fax: (876) 734-2589 St. Thomas--->(White Horses, Morant Bay, Airy Castle, Cedar Valley, Yallahs, Seaforth)
Stars Cable Company Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Donald Staples Simmonds Mall, 73 Main Street, Ocho Rios, St. Ann Tel: (876) 795-4977 Fax: (876) 795-4846 St. Ann--->(Breadnut Hill, Ocho Rios, Bamboo, Moneague, Claremont, St. Ann's Bay)...St. Mary--->(Guys Hill, Retreat)
St. Thomas Cable Network Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Jeremiah Walker Shop #6B, Morant Bay Plaza, St. Thomas Tel: (876) 734-6614 Fax: (876) 982-9691 St. Thomas--->(Bath, Seaforth, White Horses, Morant Bay, Airy Castle, Cedar Valley, Port Morant, Yallahs, Duckenfield, Trinityville)...Portland--->(Manchioneal)
Somane Pesole Communications Limited Company Secretary : Ms. Lisa Dunn Newport District, Newport P.O., Manchester Tel: (876) 965-7334 Fax: Manchester--->(Newport)
Santastic Cable Systems Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Herbert Riley 40 Main Street, B&H Mini Mall, P.O. Box 264, Browns Town, St. Ann Tel: (876) 975-2637 / (876) 975-2432 Fax: (876) 917-8195 St. Ann--->(Browns Town)
Rural Cable Company Limited Managing Director: Maurice Robinson Tom’s River District, Shop #1 Tom's River Plaza, St. Andrew Tel: (876) 498-5871 St. Andrew--->(Lawrence Tavern and Essex Hall)...St. Catherine--->(Harkers Hall)…St. Mary--->(Friendship Gap)
Quality Cable Services Limited Technical Director: Mr. Jason McGregor 30 Brooks Level Road, Kingston 9 Tel: (876) 317-5280 / (876) 416-5050, Email: Kingston & St.Andrew--->(Dallas)
QES-46 Limited t/a EH’METH Telecom Managing Director: Mr. Raphael Dormer Shop #10, United Plaza, Lucea, Hanover Tel: (876) 956-9858 Fax: (876) 956-2676 Hanover--->(Hopewell, Sandy Bay, Lucea, Davis Cove, Dias, Green Island)...Westmoreland--->(Negril, Little London, Sheffield)
ProCables Network Limited Director : Mr. Garth Francis Mount Ogle District, Lawrence Tavern P.O., St. Andrew Tel: (876) 328-6427 or (876) 897-8777, Kingston & St. Andrew--->(Lawrence Tavern and Essex Hall)...St.Mary--->(Friendship Gap)...St.Catherine--->(Harkers Hall)
Odyssey Cable Vision Limited Director: Mr. Keith Walford Alexandria P.O. St. Ann Tel: (876) 975-1034; (876) 975-1539 Fax: (876) 975-1096 St. Ann--->(Alexandria)
Network Cable Services Limited Chief Executive Officer: Ms. Carmen Coote Shop 8D, Portmore Mall, Bridgeport P.O., St. Catherine Tel: (876) 939-4325 / (876) 988-7852 Fax: (876) 939-2398 St. Catherine--->(Caymanas Park, Independence City, Passage Fort, Edgewater, Naggo Head)
Nems Electric and Satellite Limited Director: Mr. Jerome Hamilton Tanarchy District, Rock River, P. A., Clarendon Tel: (876) 413-3832 Clarendon--->(Nine Turns, Frankfield & Mocho)
Modern Rebroadcasting Company Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Stanley Clarke 26 Market Street, Falmouth P.O., Trelawny Tel: (876) 617-5772 Trelawny--->(Wakefield)...St.James--->(Barrett Town, Somerton)
Mike's Electronics & Cable Network Limited Director: Mr. Michael Dolphy 7 Guava Road, Kingston 11 Tel: (876) 398-2818, Fax: (876) 987-1647 Clarendon--->(Toll Gate)
Mega International Co. Jamaica Limited CEO: Mr Clifford Ashmead 60 Westminster Road Kingston 10 Tel: (876) 412-2129 Manchester--->(Christiana, Mandeville East, Mandeville South, Mandeville North, Mandeville West)
McKoys Cable Television Company Ltd. Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Alonso Mckoy Kinkeade Plaza, Southfield PO., St. Elizabeth Tel: (876) 963-1915 Fax: (876) 963-1915 St. Elizabeth--->(Southfield, Junction)
Mars Cable Vision Limited Managing Director: Mr. Marlon Allen Shop #17 & 19, Apple Tree Plaza, Main Street, Christiana, Manchester Tel: (876) 962-1956 Fax: (876) 961-1534 Manchester--->(Coleyville, Christiana, Porus, Williamsfield, Newport, Spur Tree, Mandeville East, Mandeville West, Mandeville North, Mandeville South)...Clarendon--->(Alston)
Hometime (formerly Marimaxx) Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Anthony Graham 32 North Street, Black River, St. Elizabeth Tel: (876) 965-9190 Kingston & St. Andrew --->(Passmore Town, Franklyn Town, Rollington Town, Bournemouth Gardens, Norman Gardens, D’Aguilar Town, Swallowfield, Vineyard Town)...St. Elizabeth --->(Black River)
Logic One Limited Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director: Mr. Mario Francis/Mrs. Paula Francis 81 Red Hills Road, Kingston 20 | Tel: (876) 941-8079 / (876) 969-8976 Fax: (876) 941-8078 Email: Kingston & St. Andrew--->(Barbican, Beverley Hills, Constant Spring, Duhaney Park, Half Way Tree, Hope Pastures, Mona, New Haven, Patrick City, Washington Gardens, Essex Hall, Lawrence Tavern, Grants Pen, Eastwood Park Gardens, Constant Spring Gardens, White Hall, Red Hills Gardens, Arlene Gardens, Meadowbrook, Meadowbrook Estates, Maverly, Red Hills, Stony Hill, Molynes Gardens, Waltham Gardens, Rock Hall, Golden Spring)
Linscom Network Ltd. CEO: Mr. Christopher McCatty 79 King Street P.O. Box 4529 Linstead St. Catherine Tel: (876) 985-9627 Fax: (876) 903-4102 St. Catherine--->(Bog Walk, Linstead, Ewarton)
Hometime (formerly Jamaica Cablevision Limited) CEO: Mr. Anthony Graham Shop 8&6 Spanish Village Plaza Twickenham Park, Spanish Town St. Catherine (Mailing address: P.O. Box 692 Kgn 8) Tel: (876) 984-5417 / (876) 907-1349 Fax: (876) 907-1451 St. Catherine--->(Bernard Lodge, Central Village, Eltham, Ensom City, Green Acres, Greendale, Horizon Park, Spanish Town Central, Willowdene, Winters Pen)
Inntech Communications Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Colin Innis Francis Avenue, PO Box 31, Buff Bay, Portland Tel: (876) 996-1862 / (876) 996-1341 Fax: (876) 913-6109 Portland--->(Buff Bay, Orange Bay)
Horizon Entertainment & Communication Company Limited Chief Executive Officer : Ansel Beason Main Street, Stewart Town, St. Mary Tel: (876) 477-8809 Email: St. Mary--->(Mason Hall, Oracabessa, Retreat)
Hometime (formerly Guthries Communications) CEO: Mr. Anthony Graham 32 North Street, Black River, St. Elizabeth Tel: (876) 605-3837 (Cambridge) Fax: (876) 605-3836 (Cambridge) St.James--->(Anchovy, Cambridge)...Hanover--->(Ramble)...Westmoreland--->(Ferris Cross, Darliston, Lambs River, Lenox Bigwoods, Whitehouse)
General Satellite Network Company Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Trevor Witter Shop #2, 8 Manchester Avenue, P.O. Box 181, May Pen, Clarendon Tel: (876) 902-6412, (876) 478-7491 Fax: (876) 986-1269 Clarendon--->(Hayes Cornpiece, Palmers Cross, May Pen East, May Pen West,May Pen North, May Pen South)
Direct Cable Systems Limited t/a JACS CEO: Mr. Clive E. Berry Duxes District, Point Hill P.O. St. Catherine Tel: (876) 705-5945 St. Catherine--->(Browns Hall)
CTL Limited CEO: Mr. Cedric Walker Shop #21 Harbour Bay Plaza Harbour View, Kingston 17 Tel: (876) 938-9259 Fax: (876) 938-9942 Kingston & St. Andrew--->(Harbour View, Central Down Town, Fletcher’s Land, Allman Town, Campbell Town, East Down Town, Passmore Town, Franklin Town, Rollington Town, Bournemouth Gardens, Norman Gardens, D’Aguilar Town, August Town, Swallowfield, Vineyard Town, Cross Roads, Seven Miles, Bull Bay)
Cornwall Communications Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Roxroy Sinclair Centre Point Plaza, Shop #12, 2 Union Street, Montego Bay Tel: (876) 940-4847; (876) 952-1889 Fax: (876) 940-1889 Trelawny--->(Falmouth, Duncans)...St.James--->(Anchovy, Cambridge, Mango Walk, Rosemount, Mount Salem, Reading)...St. Catherine--->(Mount, Johns Hall, Ironshore, Flankers, Porto Bello, Pitfour Pen)...Westmoreland--->(Dunbar Corner, Savanna-la-mar, Negril, Lambs River, Darliston, Ferris Cross)...Hanover--->(Hopewell, Sandy Bay, Lucea, Davis Cove, Green Island)
Communicable Limited Director: Mr. Wycliffe Jackson Shop #9 Morgans Bridge Plaza P.O. Box 20, Grange Hill, Westmoreland Tel: (876) 955-1288 Fax: (876) 918-8420 Westmoreland--->(Grange Hill, Frome, Locust Tree)
Combined Communications Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Colin O Sullivan 31 Anthony Avenue, Marlie Mount Old Harbour P.O. Tel: (876) 983-9845 - 6 Fax: (876) 983-2804 St. Catherine--->(Gutters, Old Harbour, Old Harbour Bay)...Clarendon--->(Sandy Bay Clarendon: Sandy Bay)
Central Communication Services Limited Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Wendell Marsh 6 Church Street, PO. Box 211, Browns Town, St. Ann Tel: (876) 973-5746 Fax: (876) 973-6224 St. Ann--->(Discovery Bay)
Hometime (formerly Cabletron Network) CEO: Mr. Anthony Graham Shop #4 Hendon Mall, Beckford Street, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Tel: (876) 918-3643 / (876) 618-0396/0 Fax: (876) 918-1827 Westmoreland--->(Little London, Grange Hill, Frome, Dunbar Corner, Savanna-la-mar, Petersfield, Ferris Cross, Darliston )
Cable One Jamaica Ltd. Company Secretary: Mr. Cedric Walker Peter Plaza, Main Street, Highgate P.O. St. Mary Tel: (876) 724 - 3815 Fax: (876) 784-1833 St. Mary--->(Highgate East, Highgate West)…Clarendon--->(Sandy Bay)
Astra Technology Limited Managing Director: Leonard Thomas Black Rock District Priestman River Portland Tel: (876) 792-6531, (876) 422-9906 Portland--->(Manchioneal; Priestman River; Fellowship)
Advance Cable Systems Company Limited Director: Mr. Winston McKie 3 Main Street, Old Harbour, St. Catherine Tel: (876) 584-1023 advance St. Catherine--->(Ewarton Springvale, Kitson Town, Old Harbour Bay, Gutters, Linstead, Red Ground, Old Harbour, Browns Hall, Bog Walk, Riversdale North, Riversdale South)...Clarendon--->(Sandy Bay)


To be an innovative regulator that leads and facilitates the development and advancement of a dynamic electronic communications sector for the benefit of Jamaica.


Our mission is to ensure a successful national transition to a digital economy, using technological innovation to empower, liberate and encourage new forms of business, social, cultural and media development while protecting the people of Jamaica from potential risks including harmful content.


9 Central Avenue,
Kingston 10 
Jamaica WI
Telephone: 876-920-9537-9
929-1998, 876-618-0876-8
Toll Free: 1-888-99- CABLE (22253)
Facsimile: 876-929-1997
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.